This IoT Project is submitted by Shantanu Kumar for IoT Contest organized by Quartz Components.

The LPG Leakage Detection System (LLDS) is an advanced safety project designed to swiftly respond to LPG gas leaks in residential settings. When a gas leak is detected, LLDS takes the following actions:

  • Electricity Disconnection: It immediately cuts off the electricity supply to eliminate the risk of electrical sparks igniting the gas.
  • Audible Alert: The system activates a high-decibel buzzer to promptly notify occupants of the gas leak.
  • Exhaust Fan Activation: Simultaneously, LLDS initiates an exhaust fan to efficiently dissipate the leaked gas, further reducing the risk of ignition.

LPG Leakage Detection System

In essence, LLDS offers a robust and formal safety solution, combining electric supply interruption, audible warnings, and ventilation to mitigate the hazards associated with LPG leaks and protect lives and property.


Components Required



LLDS Circuit Diagram

Our circuit operates as follows: When the gas sensor detects any gas, it sends a signal to the Arduino. The Arduino responds by activating a buzzer and relay signal points. Upon relay activation, the LED ceases to glow, and the exhaust fan starts running. After the gas sensor no longer detects gas, it waits for a 5-second period to ensure the expulsion of any remaining gas. Subsequently, the system returns to its normal state. This design ensures a confident and formal approach to gas leak detection and prevention.

LPG Leakage Detection Circuit

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