This IoT Project is submitted by Shubh Shresth for the IoT Contest organized by Quartz Components.

The main focus in building this project is to create a wireless controlled spy vehicle which can be operated through a range of 50-200 feet(REMARK – Depends on the surrounding) using Mobile Wi-Fi Connectivity transmitter and receiver. The mobile phone with android platform is used for interfacing with the vehicle. This vehicle is equipped a wireless camera which will transmit the live pictures and videos remotely. An ESP8266 CP2102 is a microcontroller that is being used in this car.

It has a high backup of 7-10 hours. The “ESP8266 WI-FI ROBOT CAR” application that is available free on Google Play store can be downloaded to any android enabled handset. Once the application is setup by configuring the IP addresses and defining the controls, the user can use this application to drive the vehicle anywhere in the range of about 50-200 feet supported by Wi-Fi.



  • Effective in implementation Low power consumption and compact size.
  • Long control range due the usage of Wi-Fi devices.
  • Vehicle monitored from a remote area (no need of 'line-of-sight’ arrangement).  Very compact
  • Easy to use
  • HD quality camera
  • Long backup


Components Required




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