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50 X 70 mm High Quality Double Side Prototype PCB Printed Circuit Board

Rechargeable AA Battery 1.2V 2500mAh - (Pack of 2)

Single Cell 18650 Li-ion Battery Holder

Portable 6V 0.8W Solar Panel

It's good and working properly.

Thanks for your delivery.
At very affordable prices.

TEC1-12706 12V 92W Thermoelectric Peltier Cooler Module

The specified item was not fulfilled my requirement. So that i could return that item in order to order some other item. But not yet a proper response from company side.

Resistor Combo Kit (30 values, 5 each - 150 resistors)

Good product

Good deal best product quality and cheap rate

DALY Li-ion NMC 14S 48V 40A Waterproof Battery Management System - BMS Protection #51V Board

I will

Can I affiliate your website and orders

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Good Product

It is a good product product.

LM2596 3A Buck Converter Power Supply Module

High price without GST

35 Rs other platforms

STM32F103C6T6 Development Board STM32 ARM Core Module

DIY Spot Welding Machine for Lithium Battery Pack | 12V Battery Energy Storage Spot Welding PCB

Good service

Good product and good service

Double Cell 18650 Li-ion Battery Holder

Just Awesome , Build Quality Is Awesome

Build Quality Is Awesome , I really Like Your Products i Ordered 4 Products And were Best. :)
Thanks Quartz Components for The FREE DELIVERY ;)

Good, but no power supply...

This welding pen should fulfil my use, but it was not mentioned properly that this requires very high current. I am not able to get 12V 100A (High Current) power supply. Where shall I find it to make this welding device work?

Quality like better

Battery is old Sadly because the product mfd date is 2018

Good quality & service

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