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Arduino Uno/MEGA Programming Cable
The Maajid Enterprises

Arduino Uno/MEGA Programming Cable

2SA1943-O PNP Power Amplifier Transistor

PWM DC Motor Speed Controller

Esp 32

This item is best for project and I received very good quality


I expected these connector wires would be heavier than the those comes with the pixel led sets.but,l am not happy because these are of the same quality.

12.6V 1.5A Lithium Battery Charger with charge indication for 12V Battery pack

100V 10A Dual LED Voltmeter Ammeter Monitor Panel

B3 Lithium Battery Charger for 2S and 3S LiPo Batteries

MicroUSB 5-Pin Female USB Socket
Purnachandra Barai Barai
thakua bajar

Nomoskar 🙏🙏🙏😘

18650 battery copy

Nice, no problem

Fantastic, value for money

Working great, using it with a solar charged power Bank which I have assembled myself, great performance

Resistor Combo Kit (30 values, 5 each - 150 resistors)

Change in working Procedure

working procedure is not as mentioned in the technical specifications of product.
Technical specifications is as follows
"Red LED: Charging indicator
Blue LED: Full charge/ No battery indicator"

when the module is in 4.2v it's working as mentioned in product's technical specifications.If we turn the module into 8.4v but shorting SET , LED is automatically turning in to red whithout connecting battery itself. so , LED is continuously in red colour only so that no indication of charging and full charge or no battery.

I bought this item previously from our website, those were perfectly worked.. but now the modules are not up to the mark

thank you
N Sreenu

Best in class

Very good quality product. Fine quality metal used.

Working excellent

I had PIR motion sensor for my kitchen tubelight, recently ordered four more for Pooja room etc. Simple installation superb performance

very bad

i ordered this product and when I plugged the pin in the board it burnt and sparkled and I lost my board circuit and a fan and I want my money back 😭

Complete review

10k Ohm 3590S Bourns Precision Multiturn Potentiometer

Nice performance

Very good battery performance. Easy & perfect to use for Arduino projects,

Very good quality

Very good

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