Soil Moisture Sensor Module Soil Moisture Sensor Module

Soil Moisture Sensor Module

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All Products Featured Products IoT based Smart Irrigation System using NodeMCU ESP8266 and Soil Moisture Sensor - Required Components Latest Products Modules Rain/Soil Moisture Sensors Soil Sensors
The soil moisture sensor is commonly used in smart agriculture or other garden automation projects to measure the moisture content present in the soil....
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Rain Drop Sensor Module Rain Sensor Module

Rain Drop Sensor Module

Rs. 40.00 Rs. 38.00 (Exc. GST)
Discount Sale Modules Rain/Soil Moisture Sensors
Raindrop Sensor is a tool used for sensing rain. It consists of two modules, a rain board that detects the rain and a control module, which compares...
capacitive soil moisture sensor Capacitive soil moisture sensor back side

Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor V2.0

Rs. 100.00 Rs. 62.00 (Exc. GST)
All Products Featured Products Latest Products Rain/Soil Moisture Sensors Soil Sensors
This V2.0 capacitive soil moisture sensor measures soil moisture through a capacitive sensor, not a resistive sensor like other sensors on the market. It...

Arduino Sensor Kit - 37 Sensors for Arduino

Rs. 1,048.00 (Exc. GST)
All Products Color Sensors Current Sensors Distance Sensors Featured Products Gas Sensors Hall/Magnet Sensors IR/Motion Sensors Latest Products Light Sensors Modules Motion/Tilt Sensors Pressure Sensors Proximity Sensors Rain/Soil Moisture Sensors Robotics Sound Sensor Temperature/Humidity Sensors Touch Sensors Vibration Sensors Voltage Sensors Water Level/Flow Sensors Weighing Sensors
This Arduino Sensor Kit include commonly used 37 sensors compatible with Arduino. This kit is ideal for beginners who started with Arduino and want to...

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