This IoT Project is submitted by Shantanu Kumar for IoT Contest organized by Quartz Components.

We are pleased to introduce our innovative project, the "Automatic Shed," also referred to as the "Retractable Shed." This remarkable creation serves a crucial purpose in ensuring comfort and convenience in outdoor settings.

In the serene moments when we find ourselves enjoying the tranquility of our gardens or other outdoor spaces, unexpected rain showers can disrupt our leisure and leave us soaked. However, with our cutting-edge invention, we have devised an ingenious solution to mitigate this inconvenience. The Automatic Shed operates seamlessly: as soon as raindrops begin to fall, its roof swiftly and automatically closes, shielding us from the elements.

This versatile addition is not limited to residential gardens alone; it finds its utility in a multitude of scenarios. Imagine using it on balconies or in laundry areas to safeguard our laundry from sudden rain showers. No longer will we need to worry about leaving our clothes outside to dry, only to have them drenched by an unexpected downpour. The Automatic Shed ensures that our belongings remain dry and protected.

Furthermore, its application extends to commercial spaces such as hotel gardens and garages, where it can enhance the overall experience and convenience of both guests and operators alike.

In summary, our Automatic Shed represents a game-changing solution to weather-related inconveniences, offering a new level of comfort and peace of mind in various settings. We are excited to share this innovation with you and invite you to explore its potential applications in enhancing your outdoor experiences.


Components Required


Circuit Diagram

Automatic Shed Circuit Diagram

Upon the detection of rain or water by the rain sensor module, it promptly transmits a signal to the Arduino microcontroller. Within the Arduino, I have meticulously programmed it to respond to the rain sensor's signal by issuing a precise command to a servo motor. This command directs the servo motor to execute a controlled rotation of 90 degrees. Consequently, this rotation action is instrumental in the closure of the roof, as the roof is directly connected to and controlled by the servo motor. This integrated system ensures swift and effective response to inclement weather conditions.

Automatic Shed

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