This project involves creating a snake game using an Arduino Uno, joystick, and 8x8 LED matrix display. The player controls the snake's movement with the joystick while the LED matrix shows the game board. The project requires basic knowledge of Arduino programming and electronics.


components required

To create a snake game on a 8x8 LED matrix using Arduino Uno and a joystick, you will need the following components:

You will also need a computer with the Arduino IDE installed to program the microcontroller board.


8x8 dot matrix display module pinout

LED Matrix Display Pinout

Pinout of matrix display module.

  • Pin 1: VCC (power supply voltage)
  • Pin 2: GND (ground)
  • Pin 3: DIN (data input)
  • Pin 4: CS (chip select)
  • Pin 5: CLK (clock)


xy joystick module pinout  

The pinout for a Dual Axis XY Joystick Module typically includes five pins, arranged in a row or a column. Here is a common pinout:

joystick module pinout

Pin 1: GND (ground)

Pin 2: +5V (power supply voltage)

Pin 3: VRx (analog output for X-axis)

Pin 4: VRy (analog output for Y-axis)

Pin 5: SW (digital output for joystick button)

Note that the exact numbering and labeling of the pins may vary depending on the specific module. Some modules may have additional pins for features such as LED indicators or additional buttons.


circuit diagram

Arduino Snake Bite Game Circuit Diagram

Here we are using Arduino Uno, joystick, buzzer and jumper wire .write now we connect 5 pin of joy stick with Arduino Uno 5v with Arduino Uno 5 volt and gnd with GND and VRX with A1 and VRY with A0. Now we connect 8x8 matrix led with Din with pin12, CS with 11, CLk with pin 10. Here we connect pin 8 with buzzer. 


Arduino Code For Snake Game

errors during interfacing 8x8 matrix led display –here what you should do ?

Here I face issues when I interface with 8x8 matrix led display with Arduino losing wire .so you just keep fit tight so it will not move.

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