The project is based on the use of AI and IoT devices together for creating a fast, simple and cool ecosystem. Here in this project, I am going to create a Voice assistance control car that makes use of AI(Google assistance, Alexa, etc) and IoT Components (ESP8266, NodeMCU) to make this voice automation car.

Google Assistance Control Car Setup

You might be thinking, Where can it be Used? Ans: It can be used for making a real-world voice-automated car in the future, just like Tesla has their automated parking system in their cars, but to use it we need to use our smartphones to do that, just thinking if you would just say "Hey Google, Park my car" and your car is parked in its parking place. So it can be done by this voice automation idea.


Components Required

Electronic Components


Circuit Diagram

Google Assistance Control Car Circuit Diagram

The Circuit used in this project is just a basic circuit diagram used for making a Node MCU based car. Below is the connection between the motor driver and the Node MCU.

Motor driver pins with Node MCU pins:

IN1 to D8

IN2 to D7

IN3 to D3

IN4 to D4

enA to D5

enB to D6

Google Assistance Control Car Circuit Diagram


Arduino Code

Arduino Code For Google Assistance Control Car


 Google Assistance Control Car

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