The Arduino Nano is a widely used microcontroller board known for its user-friendly nature and ease of use. Its simple and intuitive interface makes it an excellent choice for individuals ranging from beginners to enthusiasts and even professionals. Its compatibility makes it suitable for plenty of small DIY creative projects, catering to a diverse range of skill levels and interests.


In previous article, we have see How to Get Started with Arduino Nano. In this article, we will see some of the Arduino Nano projects are shared here with their details:


Arduino Nano based Bluetooth & Manual Control Home automation System Using Android App.

Arduino Nano Home Automation

(Source: Technolabcreation)

This project will allow you to control various home devices wirelessly through Bluetooth communication from your Android app, also you can control them using manual switches.

Components Required: Arduino Nano, HC-05 Bluetooth Module, HI-LINK (HLK-PM01) AC to DC Converter, 5-volt Relay, IN4007 Diode, 10kohm & 1kohm Resistors, BC547 NPN Transistors.

Project Access Link: Technolabcreation


DIY Speedometer using GPS Module Arduino & OLED

DIY GPS Speedometer using Arduino Nano

(Source: How2electronics)

The project Uses a combination of a GPS Module, Arduino, and an OLED Display to create an electronic Speedometer that shows the real-time speed of the vehicle. The GPS tracks the vehicle and shows the current speed on an OLED display.

Components Required: Arduino Nano, L80/L86 GPS, 0.96" I2C OLED Display

Project Access Link: How2electronics


Arduino Music Player - Play Songs from SD Card

Arduino Nano Music Player

Arduino-based Music Player is a fun & interesting project which uses a micro-SD card and an Amplifier module for loud voice. Using some push buttons inside the circuitry you can Pause, Play or Change the song also.

Components Required: Arduino Nano, Micro SD Card Adapter Module, LM386 Audio, Amplifier Module, Push buttons, Speaker, SD card.

Project Access Link: QuartzComponents



Digital Taxi Fare Meter using Arduino & Speed Sensor

Digital Taxi Fare Meter using Arduino Nano

(Source:  How2electronics)

In this project, a basic model of a Digital Taxi Fare Calculator is designed using an Arduino and a Speed Sensor LM393 to figure out how fast the taxi's wheels are turning and how far it's traveled. This info will show up on a screen. And when the button will be pressed, it will tell us how much the fare should be.

Components Required: Arduino Nano, LM393 Speed Sensor + Encoder Wheel, 16x2 I2C LCD Display, Push Button Switch, ULN2003 Motor Driver IC, 6-12V DC Motor.

Project Access Link: How2electronics


Arduino Wireless Weather Station Project

Arduino Nano Wireless Weather Station

(Source: howtomechatronics)

A wireless weather station using an Arduino is a fun and educational project that monitors & displays various measured weather parameters. The Outdoor & Indoor humidity and Temperature are measured and transmitted the data using NRF24L01 to Indoor Unit which then displays on OLED.

Components Required: Arduino Nano, NRF24L01 Transceiver Module, DHT22 Sensor, DS3231 Real-Time Clock.

Project Access Link: howtomechatronics


Creating Voice Alert-based Smart Blind Stick Using Arduino Nano and Ultrasonic Sensors

Smart Blind Stick Arduino Nano

(Source: Circuitdigest)

The project demonstrates the building of the smart blind stick using the Arduino and Ultrasonic sensor which is used to detect the obstacles coming in path. Using Speakers, it can generate alert sounds when obstacles block the path.

Components Required: Arduino Nano, 3× Ultrasonic, JQ6500 Voice Sound, 8Ω Speaker.

Project Access Link: Circuitdigest


How RFID Works and How to Make an Arduino-based RFID Door Lock

RFID Door Lock Arduino Nano

(Source: howtomechatronics)

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a Smart & new technology incorporated into Security projects and devices. In this project, an RFID reader is integrated with an Arduino board to control an electric motor lock mechanism.

Components Required: Arduino Nano, MFRC522 RFID Module, Servo Motor, LCD Display, Breadboard and Jump Wires, Proximity Sensor CNY70.

Project Access Link: howtomechatronics


Fingerprint Door Lock Security Systems Using Arduino & LCD

    Fingerprint Door Lock Arduino Nano

    (Source: Iotprojectsideas)

    The project uses Arduino and LCD technology to showcase a smart door access solution. By using Fingerprint Recognition, it offers a secure and convenient way to control entry. You can observe the current status on the LCD.

    Components Required: Arduino Nano, R307 Fingerprint Sensor, 16x2 I2C LCD Display, 12V Solenoid Lock, Single channel 5V Relay Module.

    Project Access Link: Iotprojectsideas


    How to make Music Reactive LED – Arduino Projects

    Music Reactive LED Arduino Nano

    (Source: Circuits-diy)

    A music-reactive LED circuit is a simple electronic circuit that responds to varying sound levels, usually, of the rhythmic melody from nearby playing music, and displays the changing intensity level of the sound signal in the form of blinking LEDs.

    Components Required: Arduino Nano, LED Strip, Sound Sensor, MOSFET IRFZ44N, Transistor, Resistor 10K, Battery.

    Project Access Link: Circuits-diy


    Water Level Controller using Arduino & Float Sensor

    Water Level Controller using Arduino Nano

    (Source: Iotcircuithub)

    The project allows automatic control of the water pump according to the water levels in the tanks by using Arduino and float sensors. Also, the water level can be easily monitored, which can automate the filling when the levels are low.

    Components Required: Arduino Nano, Float switch sensor, 30A 5V SPDT relay module, 5V DC Buzzer, and Switches.

    Project Access Link: Iotcircuithub

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