Home automation is use for controlling home appliances with you smart phone. Instead of using mechanical switches, you can now conveniently control all the devices in your home from your fingertips. The core hardware is rather simple and only consists of an Arduino microcontroller kit, a Bluetooth wireless module, and a relay.


Components Required


Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram for Home Automation using Arduino Uno

Arduino UNO to HC -05 BT





Arduino UNO to relay



pin 2-----------IN(relay 1)

pin 3------------IN(relay 2)

  • Com of both relay connected to line(ac).
  • Neutral of both bulb connected to supply.
  • Line of bulb1 connected to relay1 NO.
  • Line of bulb2 connected to relay2 NO.


Arduino Code for Home Automation

Download Arduino blueControl app from Google Play Store. After opening the app go to >>button option . Set button key according to code command given.

Arduino Code For Home Automation


Home Automation using Arduino Uno

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