This IoT Project is submitted by Md Shahbaz Hashmi Ansari for IoT Contest organized by Quartz Components.

This project aims to leverage the power of AI and IoT to create an efficient, user-friendly, and innovative ecosystem. The primary objective is to develop a voice-assisted car that utilizes AI technologies (such as Google Assistant, Alexa, etc.) and IoT components (like ESP8266, NodeMcu) to enable voice-automated control.

The potential applications of this technology are vast and transformative. For instance, it could revolutionize the lives of individuals with visual impairments or physical disabilities. They could simply instruct their car using voice commands like "Hey Google, guide my car to the grocery store," or "Hey Google, park my car," and the car would autonomously carry out these tasks. This could provide them with unprecedented levels of independence and mobility.

Google Assistance Control Car Setup

The integration of AI and IoT makes this possible, as demonstrated in this prototype project. This project not only showcases the potential of these technologies but also paves the way for their future applications in creating a more inclusive and accessible world.


Components Required

Electronic Components


Circuit Diagram

Google Assistance Control Car Circuit Diagram

The Circuit used in this project is just a basic circuit diagram used for making a Node MCU based car.

Below is the connection between the motor driver and the Node MCU.

Motor driver pins with Node MCU pins:

IN1 to D8

IN2 to D7

IN3 to D3

IN4 to D4

enA to D5

enB to D6

Google Assistance Control Car

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