This IoT Project is submitted by ARYANSHU KAR for IoT Contest organized by Quartz Components.

In our homes, utensil washing, shoe cleaning and shaving (especially the rolling the shaving brush on face while shaving) are really very tedious and boring jobs. Further, the cleaning of utensil wastes a large amount of water.

This project will help us in following ways:

  • Clean the defiled Utensils very easily and fast.
  • Save the water that is wasted in washing utensils.
  • Save the water wasted by the RO water purifier.
  • Rolling the Shaving brush on face.
  • Polishing the shoes.
  • Cleaning Shoe dust.

The student has developed a system that will save a large amount of water and make Utensil washing, Shoe Cleaning and Shaving effortless.

The outlet pipe of RO water purifier is attached to a 10 Litre water tank and one high pressure water releasing system has been developed to remove the food particles stuck on the utensils. One pipe has been attached to the AMMA which will do the job of removing the food particles (it has cleaning sponge attached to its one end). Also, shaving brush and shoe cleaning brush can be attached to another end of the device to do the respective jobs at different times. This will help our elders, especially the ladies in our homes who usually have to wash the defiled food items stuck on the utensils on which we eat, to give themselves their time and reduce the effort by almost half. This will also help us in recovering from the problem of water scarcity in our respective societies if maintained on regular basis. The other two functions i.e. Shoe cleaning, especially during monsoon season when footwear are covered with mud and rolling the shaving brush along the face, will be also done with ease and comfort.


Components Required


Circuit Diagram

Automatic Multitasking Mechanical Appliance Circuit Diagram

Diagram if the main model called AMMA. Connection of AMMA with 5L tank and RO. 3.9v battery.

Automatic Multitasking Mechanical Appliance Diagram

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