The project uses a raspberry pi pico microcontroller to control 4-relays.

Home Automation Setup

This project is capable of controlling 4 A.C. appliances. The project is not very difficult to build.


Required Components for Smart Home

Home Automation Components


Circuit Diagram - Home Automation

Home Automation Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram consists of a Raspberry pi pico microcontroller development board as the brain of the organization. The raspberry pi pico board receives the data from the HC-05 module through serial communication. Then it decodes the serial data and decide which appliance is to be turned off or on then it sends the signal to relay module to turn on a particular relay. I am controlling four appliances so there are total 4 relays on the relay module. 

Home Automation Circuit

Main Electricity Connections

Home Automation Circuit 


Arduino Code for Home Automation

Arduino Code For Home Automation

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