An Electric arc lighter is nothing but just a flameless lighter, which requires no fuel making it wind and travel-friendly. You can carry them in your pocket and can be useful in many applications. It just needs a 3 to 5-volt to power the electric arc lighter.


What is an Electric Arc Lighter?

Instead of a flame, an electric arc lighter produces heat via a small arc of high-voltage electrical current that is hotter than a traditional lighter which we commonly see but in a more confined area. Make a purple-hued arc with the push of a button, and simply place whatever you'd like to light directly in the arc's path. That arc can be seen between the tips of wires at the top.


Components required for DIY Arc Lighter

  • D880 NPN power transistor
  • 470 uF Capacitor
  • 33ohm 1W Resistor
  • Push button
  • Diode-1N4007
  • PCB
  • A coil containing arc wire
  • Connecting Terminal
  • Zip tie
  • Nut bolt

You can find all the components in this DIY Kit - Electric Arc Lighter


D880 Transistor

D880 Transistor

The D880 Transistor is a Low-Frequency Power Amplifier NPN Transistor. The transistor used in amplifiers is commonly in the class B amplifier circuits where a push-pull configuration is used. A push-pull circuit requires an NPN and PNP transistor. In this circuit, we have used D880 as the NPN transistor and the B834 as its complementary PNP transistor.

Apart from being used in amplifier designs, these Low-Frequency transistors are also used for switching and regulation circuits as they have a large collector current of 3A and a low trigger voltage of 7V. You can find them in some buck and boost DC converters.



Model no.

D880 low frequency power amplifier

Collector-Emitter Voltage  (VCEO )


Collector-Base Voltage     VCBO

Max: 60V

Collector-Emitter Voltage    VCEO

Max: 60V

Emitter-Base Voltage   VEBO

Max: 7V

Collector Current    IC

Max: 3A

Collector Dissipation   PC

Max: 30W

DC Current Gain

VCE=5V     IC=0.5A

Junction Temperature    TJ

150 oC


DIY Electric Arc Lighter Circuit Diagram

DIY Electric Arc Lighter Circuit Diagram

In the above circuit, one terminal of the L1 coil is connected to the positive of the capacitor and connected with a 3.7-volt power supply. And another end of L1 is connected to the collector terminal of the transistor. The emitter terminal of the Transistor is connected to the ground. Terminal A of both L1 and L2 are connected. The other end of L2 is connected to the anode. The cathode of the diode is connected to a 33ohm resistor and then to a switch. The switch is then connected to the base of the D880 transistor. Arc terminals are brought out with the help of wire where purple-hued arc can be observed.



  • Amplifier Circuits
  • Low voltage and medium current switching circuits
  • DC to DC Converts (chopper)
  • Audio Circuits

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