Are you ready to witness the ultimate clash of technology and innovation? Get ready to be blown away as the most advanced robots on the planet battle it out for supremacy at Robo Challenge 2023! This year promises to be bigger, bolder, and more electrifying than ever before.

Important Dates:

1st October 2023 - Contest Opens for Participation 

25th October 2023 - Submission Closed, No new projects will be accepted

31st October 2023 - Winners will be Announced


The first prize winner will get a gift card worth Rs.2000 and the second prize will be awarded a gift card worth Rs.1200 from Quartz Components

Note: These gift cards can only be used on, they cannot be converted to actual cash or be used on other websites. 

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Participants should build projects related to Home automation 
  2. Participants are free to use any hardware/components available to them, it is not mandatory to use components only from quartz components. 
  3. The Project should be well-documented with Circuit diagrams, Working Images, and Videos. 
  4. The Project Images, Videos, and Documentation should be created on their own and should not be copy pasted from the internet 
  5. The submitted content will be published on Quartz Components Blog and might be modified for reuse later, due credits will be given to the participant for their idea and work. 
  6. Winners will be selected by the Quartz Components Team based on the Judging Criteria given below
  7. The Contest is completely free and open to anyone participating. QuartzComponents or its associates will not collect any fees at any point during the contest. 
  8. All Rights are reserved by Quartz Components to moderate and regulate this contest.

Judging criteria: 

In order to determine the winner, projects submitted will be evaluated based on the following criteria, with a total of 100 points available:

  • Project Design and Hardware (30 points): The design and implementation of the project, including the selection of components from Quartz Components.
  • Documentation with Hardware and Code Explanation (25 points): The clarity and completeness of the documentation provided, including detailed explanations of the hardware setup and code used in the project.
  • Pictures Used in Documentation (10 points): The quality and relevance of the visual imagery, such as photographs or Circuit diagrams, included in the project documentation.
  • YouTube Video (20 points): The presentation and demonstration of the project through a YouTube video, showcasing the functionality and features of the project.
  • Social Media (15 points): The level of engagement and promotion of the project on social media platforms. 

    Please note that these points are solely for the purpose of evaluation, and the actual scores will not be disclosed to the participants. 

Contact Us: 

If you have any more questions regarding the contest or just looking for some project ideas to discuss, you can join our Whatsapp Quartz Community Group. You can also write to us on

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